Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lots of Juggling

After spending all of my knitting time on one project for two weeks for the Ravelymics, I could use a break from large, time consuming projects.  I had been working on my toe up socks, but wanted to do something different this weekend.

When I took my first class at the Knitting Nest, I noticed all of these knitted balls around the store.  Some were stuffed to be a toy for dogs, but some were stuffed with lentil beans to be used for juggling.  Since I was just learning to knit, I didn't feel like I could make them, but after all of the other projects I've done I felt confident that I could make them now.

Aren't they cute!  These were made with some of the yarn I bought for my first knitting project 24 year ago!!  It is a cotton yarn which I didn't enjoy knitting too much, but I love the results.  After knitting with this stuff for awhile, I thought to myself, "No wonder you didn't finish that first project when you were 16."  I remember getting frustrated when I was knitting back then, but never realized it was the yarn, not the knitting.  If it hadn't been for this yarn, I would probably have 24 years' experience knitting now.  Oh well, no reason to dwell on the past.  Now, I've got to relearn my juggling skills.

I've also finished another Kitty Hat (ravelry link) for one of the crazy kat ladies in my life and have almost finished some gloves for my hubby.  I was surprised with how quickly the gloves knitted up once I spent a little time working on them.  Of course, our winter in Texas is pretty much over with so he won't be able to wear them until next winter, but they'll be waiting for him then.

I have another small project to work on after I finish the gloves.  Then it will be time to knit my first sweater.  I am looking forward to learning some more techniques!  I also have selected a scarf pattern for some special yarn I got a few months ago, but more information on that will come soon.

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