Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Record Speed

So I've only been knitting for about 4 months now.  I have definitely gotten faster then the glacier pace I set on my first scarf, but I am still not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination.  I've watched videos.  I've watched my knitting instructor's technique, but I just haven't been able to change the way I hold the needles and yarn so that I can increase my knitting efficiency.  I don't worry about it too much because I enjoy the way I knit.  It is comfortable.  Are there others out there that struggle with this?  I don't want to foster bad habits, but I think I will just have to live with my knitting style for now.

Speaking of speed, I finished my French Market Bag (Ravelry link) in record speed...for me.  It took me about 2 weeks of knitting to finish this large project and I am proud of that.  When I concentrate on one project I make great progress.  I altered the pattern and made it wider and taller with longer straps.  Here it is before I put it in the washer...

It is hard to get a perspective of the size of this thing, but it was huge.  After I felted it, it was the perfect size.

Meet my new project bag.  I am very pleased and now I am trying to pick out colors for the one I am going to make my mother as a Mother's Day present.  Shhh, it's a surprise.

Ok, I promise no more posts about this project.  I am on to the next one!


  1. Hello there! Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I'm pretty impressed with your knitting skills, looks like you have been doing it for much longer than just three months. Your project bag looks great. I will see Marina this coming Saturday, so exciting! All the best, Luciana.

  2. Thanks, Luciana! That is very kind of you. I really enjoy your blog too. Your girls are adorable. Tell Marina hi for me! :)