Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going for the Gold!

Due to my involvement in the Ravalypmics, I've actually watched much more of the winter Olypmics than I ever had.  I am really enjoying it and the knitting is coming along well.  My French Market Bag is probably about 40% complete.  I am trying to complete it by this Friday.  It doesn't look like much now, but I think it will look very nice once it is complete and felted.

Surprise...it is green!

My only problem is all of the other projects on my needles haven't been touched.  Oh well, I'll get to them at some point.

One project that I have not ignored is my first toe up sock.  I had a couple of missteps in the beginning, but after frogging once and tinking back another time, I have fixed those problems and I am now making good progress!  I will share some pictures it soon.  The yarn is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them.  Yes, I now understand the sock obsession that many knitters talk about.  I am so proud that I can use those little teeny tiny needles.

Between the bag and the sock, I've learned some more techniques and continue to grow as a knitter.  I am not sure what I will attempt next, but I am looking forward to whatever comes next!

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