Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knitting Frustration

Luckily, in my long knitting career (2.5 months)[insert sarcasm] I haven't gotten frustrated too many times, but it has happened.  I especially felt the frustration build as I started my first Clapotis.  Before I understood how the pattern worked, I kept getting confused or I would start feeling overly confident, would not pay close enough attention and would mess up.  Finally, after I got to a certain point it all started coming naturally.

I started to feel this way last night with the first hat I am working on.  Something that should be easy, just wasn't working out.  So, what do I do when that feeling starts to creep in?  Put that project down and walk away for awhile.  After playing around with the hat a couple of times, I put it back in my WIP storage bin and started the second sock of my first pair.  This put me back in a fine mood!

I think I will go visit my knitting instructor, Staci Perry, at the Knitting Nest.  She is nice enough to offer free knitting help once a month!

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