Sunday, September 19, 2010

Too Many Projects, Too Little Time!

Last week, One of the conferences I organized was held and quickly became the conference from HELL!  One of those times where all the things I could not control went completely wrong.  This made it hard to concentrate on the things I could control and made me super tired.  Luckily, on Thursday, I had my Sweater University meeting with all the knitting ladies and they definitely lifted my spirit.  We also found out that next meeting we will be taped for a brief appearance in one of her new videos!  We'll be stars!

We started work on Staci's Mad Men Mittens which gave me the opportunity to learn fair isle.  I can't believe that I thought it was complicated.  It is a very easy technique and I am looking forward to working more fair isle projects into my upcoming projects.

I've had a round of starteritis going on.  A lot of large projects that will take a while to finish!  What am I thinking when I have a few birthday presents and lots of Christmas presents that need to be done. But I am loving all the projects I've got going on. I've especially loving my Monkey socks by Cookie A.  The pattern is really easy, but looks great!  It has been a relatively quick sock to knit which is good because I have found it hard to work on any other projects..

This picture doesn't do the sock justice.  I'm about a quarter of the way through the second second sock syndrome here!  The yarn is Cascade Heritage Paint in Campfire.  I love the colors, but have no idea what I am going to wear them with.  I guess I'll be forced to go by a new outfit...darn.

Friday I started what should be a super fast pattern to knit up for a special someone's birthday.

No, it is not thumb warmers, but you'll have to wait to see what it turns into.  The yarn is Blue Sky Sport Weight Baby Alpaca.  It maybe the softest yarn I've ever knit with and I love it.  It makes me happy when I am knitting with it!

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